Mark Ellison - 1975

posted Feb 28, 2016, 11:08 AM by Tim Birdsall   [ updated Feb 28, 2016, 11:11 AM ]
Thank you for your invitation to share our memories of Malsis. The closing of the school is a very sad development indeed. I have always thought of Malsis under Mr. Clark as one of the finest Prep Schools in England, and no matter what schools and Universities I have been to since, that view has never changed. 
I did hope that somehow Malsis could be re-opened as the great educational institution it always was.  We still feel so proud of the Prep School we went to.

I first went to Malsis in the autumn of 1975, and to be quite frank it was one heck of a culture shock. My family lived close by just a few miles above the next village Cowling. I was eleven years old and had just finished at Cowling Primary School. Two years earlier my middle sister had gone to the local comprehensive in Cross Hills, and let's just say her experience there highly motivated my parents to send me to Malsis instead.  Cowling Primary School and Malsis were worlds apart, and my knowledge was a long way behind in many subjects. Just a few weeks into my first term I was kindly told by a class mate that I would never do well in academics at Malsis. For the next couple of weeks I felt very home sick. It was during that time that I saw a form on the notice board on which we could sign up to run in the Embsay Crag Race just outside Skipton. I had come second in the race around the field on Sports Day at Cowling Primary, and I had sometimes gone for runs around my Father's farm, and it felt like something I might do quite well at.......