The Hudson Trophy



The Hudson Trophy was presented to the Malsis Old Boy’s Association in 1961 by Charles Hudson, father of Tony Hudson (45 – 51). It was for a golf competition for members of the Old Boys Association.

The first winner was J.C.N. Tetley. The event was annual, and was organised for many years by Brian Parkinson, and courtesy of Geoffrey Turner, was held at Hawksworth Golf Club. After a few years, it was moved to Ilkley Golf Club, where a number of OM’s were members.

Names which occur in the winner’s list, some with monotonous regularity, include illustrious OM’s such as Parkinson, Cockcroft, Ackernley, Clark,  Waring and Obank.

From 1996 – 1999, the winning scores were ridiculously high (from 50 – 54 Stableford points) which reflects the fact that the event was held on the Malsis course.

From 2000 a form of competition was held at Malsis, but not specifically for Old Boys. Winners names suggest that Father and Son teams competed, but names were not recorded on the trophy.

In 2008, an attempt was made to resurrect the competition for Old Boys at Skipton Golf Club. However, that venture never received enough support to make it worthwhile, and so, in 2010, with the full agreement of the above mentioned Tony Hudson – Son of the donor – the trophy was ‘loaned’ to the current headmaster of Malsis School, Marcus Peel, to be used as he thought fit.

When the School sadly went into administration in December 2014, there was no trace of the Hudson Trophy, and it did not appear on any inventory, or in the catalogue of sale of chattels.

After extensive enquiries, in March 2015 the whereabouts of the trophy was revealed, and in May 2015, it was recovered and handed back in perpetuity to Tony Hudson and his family. 

Presentation of trophies by Chris and Ingrid Lush 0805

Presentation of trophies by Chris and Ingrid Lush 0806

Tony Hudson makes presentation of Hudson Trophy to Ian Fillian 6/9/2009

Malsis Headmaster Marcus Peel and Louise Peel at the Hudson Trophy, Skipton Golf Club, 6/9/2009