OMA is requesting your support for new bid to re-open Malsis

posted Apr 23, 2015, 7:08 PM by Tim Birdsall   [ updated Apr 26, 2015, 3:48 PM ]
The following is taken from recent correspondence between the editor and Adrian Lisle (OM) who is leading the consortium seeking to revive Malsis as a fully functioning Prep School.   Your letters of support and offers for help would be appreciated by means of an email to us here ( ) , and will be republished to the community with your permission.


22nd April 2015

Hello Patrick


Thank you for your email.  I’m Adrian Lisle, and am leading the bid to buy Malsis School.


I appreciate the interest and support from both OM’s and ex-teachers toward our goal to reopening Malsis as a fully functioning Prep School.  Every bit of support is a help, especially when we may be facing competition from other bids that have very different aims in mind.


I’d like to give you an update as to where we are at the moment, and what it is we wish to do going forward.


We have submitted a bid to Eddisons who are the commercial agency who are marketing the site on behalf of the Receivers (Ernst & Young).  The level of this bid ensures that both secured and unsecured creditors are repaid, and that the Malsis Trust has surplus funds that it can disperse for charitable educational purposes.  This bid was submitted months ago, and the process has taken much longer than I would have wished.  I am assured that the Receivers feel they have now gone through all of the necessary processes, which they are legally obliged to follow.   This means that this week, or next, we will have an answer as to whether our bid has been accepted.


As part of having  this bid accepted we have to supply proof of funds.  At the level of the bid as it currently stands, this is not an issue. 


It is worth noting that we know there is at least one other, possibly a second, interested party.   From what we know, their plans would be very different to  ours, in terms of uses for the site as well as respect for the traditions of Malsis School.

This brings me on to what we want to do if our bid is successful.   Put simply, we want to reopen a new Malsis School, which would be a traditional yet modern Prep School.  This would be a mix of day, weekly, and full boarding school, which would carry on the academic, artistic and sporting traditions and excellence of the old Malsis School.  We are fully aware of the investment that is going to be necessary to achieve this vision, and ensure that a new Malsis School is successful into the future.


If, and hopefully when, our bid is successful, then I very much want to share more detail with yourself and whoever would be interested, about our plans for the development and investment into the school.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.